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Devon Harris

Devon Harris & Associates


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Joe Batie

Caine & Weiner
Chief Commercial Officer
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Leslie Bender

BCA Financial Services, Inc.
Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel
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Wanda Borges

Borges & Associates, LLC
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Greg Cohen

Caine & Weiner
CEO & President
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Randy Frazee

BARR Credit Services, Inc.
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Nancy Hamilton

American Lawyers Quarterly
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Jessica Hartmann

International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.
Executive Director
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Robert Ingold

Commercial Collection Corp. of NY
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Phil Lattanzio

Commercial Law League of America
Executive Director
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Brad Lohner

Priority Credit Management Corp.
President & CEO
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Sandra Long

Achievements Through Coaching
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Kirby Miller

Sales Director
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Mark Neeb

ACA International
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Kevin Posen

Teller, Levit & Silvertrust, P.C.
President/Managing Partner
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Albert Rookard

Applied Innovation, Inc.
Vice President & COO
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Jan Stieger

Receivables Management Association International
Executive Director
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Elizabeth (Liz) Terry

National Creditors Bar Association
Executive Director
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Tony Terry

CRF Solutions
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Gary Tier

The Forwarders List of Attorneys
President & Publisher
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Stephen Wolff

McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff